Who are you?
Hi I’m Adrian, a simple, fun, and lover of open source technologies. I started as web programmer way back 2004 when I was still in the Philippines and I thank God that He gave me such a great blessing allowing me and my family to reside in Singapore since 2008. I thank my first boss as well Ms Jane in trusting me and opening the door for me on the IT field.

In the IT field, acquisition of new knowledge or skills is a must, especially with lots of new technologies emerging. It’s definitely quite challenging or interesting for developers like me to embark on new learnings. but unlike other developers, I’m lazy, not top notch, but rather resourceful and witty, I use existing frameworks, libraries, services, packages and solution available in the market tailoring them to my every needs. Like other people say, why do you need to reinvent the wheel?

Why did you create this site?
The answer is nothing, and for just some idea, I’ve decided to revamp my vcard site and come up with a simple idea of having a “Note” where I can store up as much info as i need… like i mentioned earlier I’m lazy and I’m not a super nerdy guy who has memorized each and every parameter of a “top” unix command, thus having a note will be a good idea. I hope regardless how big or small my topics here,  i can be a blessing to others as well by sharing my solutions and tips thru this site.


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